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★ Book of Engineering website is an engineering formulae and knowledge database website. The website is founded by B. Ilker ARSLAN in 2016. The real aim behind website is to provide easy database for engineers, engineering students and researchers about formulae and knowledge related to engineering and other disciplines that support engineering. The target is to create a trusted referance in engineering sector that you can rely on without doubt. Also since it covers from A to Z in even basic subjects like in math and physics, students can also use as a referance in their studies at school.

★ Question and answer structure of the website, makes it easy to study on a formula or subject.

★ The case studies section covers hints and tricks in findind a solution to a practical or theorotical concept in engineering or science related applications.

★ Engineering and science have very strict rules and must rely on trusted sources. Book of engineering project simply try to serve as a compact solution to this problem with very simple structure.

★ The usage of the website is very simple. You may have a random content or clik to the links you want to get info from the links categorized at the sidebar. You may search content through search bar also.

★ Users should also be aware of the reality that a content found on the website may not be always updated and may contaion wrong information. In case of these situations please inform us through buttons or simply email info@bookofengineering.com.

★ Unlike any other paper based books or other formulae database, some contents of the website contains interactive elements like calculators or animations to make it easier to learn content or make it easy to calculate. We will try to add these "crackers" as musch as possible. To keep database it more informative and interactive.

★ You may get help simply by messaging info@bookofengineering.com.

★ You may give feedbacks to any content by simply using report an issue buttons. You may use also contact us page which is found at the footer of the website.

★ For questions about this website, please contact info@bookofengineering.com.

★ This about page is subject to change without notice.